Thursday, 1 September 2016

Links to my past reviews on Amazon

Links to my past reviews on Amazon

 Like many Indians, I grew up hearing Panchatantra stories read by my mother, and now I read these stories to my five year old son.

I like the way the author gives sanskritized titles to the chapters like “Apariksitakarakam” which means ill-considered action. This story gives the message that a person must not rush into any action without understanding, planning or examining the consequences that may arise.

This also happens to be my son's favorite story. I like the way how these stories are interwoven. That's the beauty of Panchatantra.

The version of Panchatantra stories as retold by Sonal are easy to read on a Kindle and her style of writing and illustration are very appealing. 

This is a nice picture book to download and read to a toddler. I downloaded it a while ago and continue to 'read' it to our kindergardner

Desmond Cory’s new novel “On the Gulf” brings us a nice mix of CIA, Middle-east and intrigue in his highly readable style. The author skillfully takes us into contemporary life in the Middle East, though there are a lot of parallels to happenings in Iran and elsewhere set in the eighties.

The characters from the middle-east region may be alien to those of us living in the west but the human traits and failings projected are universal. 

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